This AMI is provisioned with several core components, configured for production usage.

  • Base AMI (v0.0.1) - This AMI is based on our Base AMI v0.0.1.

  • NGINX - Provided with a simple configuration for reverse proxying and the ability to add a custom SSL cert with zero effort.

  • Netdata - Monitor your EC2 instance without further complications, get alerts when something goes wrong. Accessible behind a basic auth login with user/password.

  • uWSGI - Sane settings for production services, like auto reloading a Django app, default harakiri, threaded-enabled, etc…

  • Python 3.7 and PIP

Bonus components available in the Develatio - Celery Celerybeat - Python 3 AMI

  • Celery - A task queue for Django.

  • Celery beat - Runs your scheduled tasks.

  • Flower - Monitor your celery tasks and queues easily. Accessible behind a basic auth login.

Netdata screenshot
Flower screenshot