How does it work?

The AMI is designed in such a way that you only need to launch it on any EC2 instance. It will accept incoming connections from any local IP addresses.

The rest of your EC2 instances (deployed with one of Develatio’s AMIs) should be configured as follows:

Your /var/www/webapp/conf/netdata/ folder of your AMI should look like when you launch it:

├── netdata.conf
├── password
└── stream.conf

Edit the stream.conf file following the instructions that have been placed as comments on top of each line. You should enable stream and set the destination variable to the private IP address of your Centralized Netdata instance.

Optionally, you’re free to generate a new api key. If you do so, please note that you must replace the new api key in each EC2 instance (inside the stream.conf file), as well as in your Centralized Netdata instance (inside the stream.conf file).

Don’t forget to run sudo configure_netdata in order to apply the changes to the configuration files.